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Accepts Payments on your online shop via Stripe Payment Gateway.

Customer Experience

Awesome!! really awesome customer experience level when you use this payment gateway script. Customer experience is great with Stripe Payment Gateway. Customer select to pay via credit card during the ordering process . The payment page open once the checkout process is in order confirmation stage. This form is very intelligent itself, auto format all fields, test the card numbers, identify card provider firm. Finally it encrypt and submit the data to Stripe where actual processing takes place. It receives a success or failure message from Stripe server and display it to customer.

What is Stripe Payment Gateway?

Stripe Payment Gateway is the implementation of stripe payment API in WebAsyst shop as a plugin. Implementation of this plugin enhance the feature of WebAsyst shop to accept order payments via Stripe payment gateway (a third-party merchant payment service). This plugin allow online shop customer to pay via credit card which will be processed by Stripe. The Customer making the payment will not have any direct interaction from Stripe website hence. The customer have impression that your own website is processing the payment. Though it is a third-party gateway but still it is different and provide a merchant like experience to customers. Stripe Payment Gateway never redirect the customers to the third-party gateway website and that is the main benefit of using this gateway.

Benefits of Stripe Payment Gateway

Stripe Payment Gateway provide following unique benefits :

  • Its is super simple, easy and fast to use and setup. Within few minutes after installation one can start accepting payments via Stripe Payment Gateway
  • It have a professional looking credit card interface which is designed for best customer experience.
  • Credit card interface is very intelligent and interactive, It warn for all wrong entries/ typos made by user.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway read the card number entered by customer and identify the card type, fill it in appropriate field.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway auto format the card number and expiry date to a standard look.
  • Once payment is successful, this plugin auto update the order status to 'Paid'.
  • You can setup it in "Test or Live Mode".
  • Lifetime Update and support is free of charge.

Currencies Supported by Stripe Payment Gateway

This Gateway Support as many currencies as supported by Stripe. It is advised to accept payments in the default currency as described in your Stripe account. Accepting the payments in currency other than default one may impose foreign exchange fee. You can setup currency from back-end settings.

What is Stripe Radar?

Stripe Radar is the service provided by Stripe to account user merchants, which allow them to setup various rules to avoid charge backs initiated by credit card holders. This is the great tool available in control panel for merchants using stripe online card processing service. Stripe Radar help to minimize the card charge backs and also reduce the credit card abuse and misuse cases.


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  • Auto update order status?
    By All Plugin June 16, 2018 05:33

    I need a payment gateway for webasyst shop which auto update the order status. Is this plugin support auto order update?

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